The 12 Laws of the Universe

1. Law of Divine Oneness: The Law of Divine Oneness explains how we are all connected in some way. Everything we do, say or think is connected and effects all others and this vast universe we live in.

2. The Law of Vibration: The Law of Vibration is all about how everything in this universe vibrates or moves. It also explains how each thing, sound, thought, emotion and words all have their very own vibration or frequency in which it lives.

3. The Law of Action: The Law of Action states that we must move in the direction of our dreams in order to achieve them. We must engage in some action that supports what we think about and or dream about.

4. The Law Of Correspondence: The Law of Correspondence states “as above, so below” or in other words, everything has its own corresponding counterpart.

5. The Law Of Cause And Effect: This Universal Law I’m sure you’ve heard of. Maybe you know it by another name. You know: every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Yep, that’s this law in a nutshell.

6. The Law Of Compensation: The Law of Compensation is really the Law of Cause and Effect as it relates to how we are provided with blessings based on our deeds and daily actions. You’ve heard what comes around goes around; well here it is, as a Law of Nature.

7. The Law Of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is certainly the most talked about spiritual law but, it is not the only spiritual law as you can see on this page. This Universal Law is all about how we create the things and events in our lives with the energies we create with our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

8. The Law of Transmutation Of Energy: This Universal Law demonstrates how all people have the ability and the power to change their current situations in life. You can do this by changing the energies that you are putting out into the world, by following and understanding these universal laws of attraction.

9. The Law of Relativity: The Law of Relativity states that all things are relative. We are all given our own roadblocks, our own personal challenges we must face in order to grow as individuals and by comparing yours to other peoples circumstances is a waste, because there situations are different, yet, relative.

10. The Law of Polarity: This law states that just like a magnet that has opposite polarities so does everything else in nature. Everything has an equal opposite such as good and evil or yes and no.

11. The Law of Rhythm: The Law of Rhythm explains how everything in the universe has its own rhythm. These rhythms are important to our very existence. These rhythms are what create the seasons. This rhythm is what the cycle of life is all about. All cycles have parts to them that we favor less and it is in how we deal with these things that are important.

12. The Law of Gender: This law simply states that there is both a feminine and a masculine principle to all things in nature. It is up to us to open ourselves up to these gender principals to create balance in our lives. Imagine this law as the law of yin and yang.

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