What if Heaven was a place...

What if Heaven was a place your mind goes when your body fails (or dies)? The mind’s energy would live on, continuing to produce joyful experiences based on your memory.  The positive mood enhancing chemicals would take over and create absolute euphoria. It would not be like a drug-like induced state or a dream. Rather, it would be an actual experience for the soul and spirit in every way with all senses involved. All of the people, things, places, feelings, and moments that gave you joy were reinstated as your eternal experience --- incorporated to create new experiences just as pleasant as the initial. 
Concentrate on this. Imagine what your Heaven would be like and write it out like a short story. List the people, places, and things you want to have there.  Think about your idea of a perfect day and all it would include. This could be your Heaven. It could be your Heaven on Earth. Because when you focus on so much positively, you’re going to create a better experience for yourself. The positive energy you use to create a better world can carry-on

Imagine. Focus. Be.

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